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Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit ‘Pacer’ 142006 - 55547 & 55597 


Built in 1985 at Derby and entering service during the same year, 142006 started life in orange Greater Manchester PTE livery.


Known as 'Pacers' these units have the unconventional arrangement of no bogies, instead there are two axles per carriage. Essentially they are Leyland buses on wagon under frames. A design which was only intended as a short-term stop gap, which ended up lasting 36 years.


Having worked in the Manchester area since introduction in 1985, it would be transferred to Cardiff Canton Depot in the early 2000s, where for a brief time it operated in the later white, red and grey Manchester PTE livery.

It was not long until the unit would be repainted into Valley Lines green, white and red and receive an internal refit.

The unit was to ply its trade in South Wales for 20 years, seeing Valley Lines become Arriva Trains Wales and then Transport for Wales.


A plan was put in place for the units to be withdrawn at the end of 2019. The limited mainline standard disabled access and the lack of toilet waste tanks being the biggest reasons for the decision.

The plan was for the class to be replaced by Class 769 units, however major delays in the introduction saw a reprieve, with the eventual withdrawal of the South Wales Class 142 units being the end of December 2020. For 142006, the mainline service curtain would close for it on 23rd December 2020 when it worked 2E13 14.16 Pontypridd to Cardiff Central.


After spending the Christmas period in store at Cardiff Canton depot the unit was moved to Landore depot under its own power on 6th January 2021 for storage pending disposal.


Following an assessment of several units by the LMMR later that month, 142006 was picked for preservation where it was to be stored until road transfer to the railway on 15th February 2021.


Seen at Marshfield in Arriva Trains Wales livery in 2006


Class 142 Factfile

Type: Regional Passenger

Class: 142

Manufacturer / Model: BREL/Leyland Pacer

Fleet Size: 96 x 2-car units

Year of Build: 1985 -87

Construction: Steel underframe. Rivetted steel body, steel outer roof and aluminium center roof. Leyland national bus parts

Length: 15.55 m

Width: 2.80 m

Weight: 24.5t (DMS) 25.0t (DMSL)

Transmission: Voith T211r hydraulic and SCG RF420i final drive

Traction Motors: N/A

Bogies: N/A

Engines: Cummins LTA 10-R, 225 hp at 1950 rpm

Maximum Speed: 75 mph

Traction Type: DMU

Couplers: BSI outer ends. Bar couplers within unit

Builder: BREL Derby / Leyland

Brakes: Tread

Seating: 2+2 SCIX Chapman seating (106 seats per unit)

Gangways: Flexible diaphragm. Within unit only

Doors: Folding bi-parting, 3 per side per unit at ends and centre

Other Features: Public Address

Route Availability: 1

Interoperability: Other Sprinters, Pacers and Turbostars

Formation: Operate as 2-car units (DMS-DMSL) with toilet in one vehicle


Seen at Rhymney in later GMPTE livery, shortly after being transferred from Manchester. Photo courtesy of Bob Masterman


At Southport in original GMPTE livery in June 1993

Photo courtesy of Peter Briggs

142006-VL-Neil Harrison.jpg
115a. 142006 Cardiff Ctl. 09-10-06_ Ref-

At Cardiff Canton prior to its last mainline run on 6th January 2021

In a storage line-up with other TFW 142s at Landore Depot in January 2021. Photo courtesy of Mike Campbell

Seen at Cardiff in Arriva Trains Wales livery in 2006.

Photo courtesy of Paul Fuller.

Carrying Valley Lines livery at Cardiff Central in 2003. 

Photo courtesy of Neil Harrison


We wish to offer huge thanks to the following organisations for their help and assistance during the process of acquiring this unit:

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