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About 'The Cab Yard'

The Cab Yard is a unique collection of old locomotive driving cabs and other large peaces of coaching stock and London underground stock. In the words of cab yard founder Richard Benyon "What started as a childhood interest in railways and trainspotting is developing into an interesting collection of memorabilia from the 1930s to today".

During early 2021 contact was made between the Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway and The Cab Yard about working together in the future. By June 2021 the fully fitted cab of 47738 had arrived at Cynheidre and became a very popular on site attraction quickly.


This opened up the opportunity for further discussion. Over the coming months it was agreed that The Cab Yard would become a sub-group of the LMMR, with the cabs passing into the care of the group and we are now in a position where the vast majority of The Cab Yard collection will permanently move to the railway to become a new long-standing feature.

The Cab Yard will be located in a dedicated area of the site for cabs to be displayed along with a fully equipped workshop to carry out the restoration of the cabs.

Most of the collection has found its way to the Cab Yard from scrap yards across the country and are in need of a great deal of restoration work. In order to complete this work spare cab components are being collected from eBay, other preservation groups and scrap yards. The Cab Yard is confident of being able to restore all of the cabs in the collection.

Currently only the cabs of 47738, the 38 Stock Tunnel Cleaning train and several other London Underground cabs are at the railway, along with the mobile cab of 40088. These are currently available to view on dates when the railway is open, which is at frequent intervals throughout the year.

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