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Cynheidre Site Development Plan - Current Projects

LMMR 2022-23 Development Plan v2.jpg

Community Cafe

Woodland & Pond Development

Discussion and consideration is being given to developing the areas identified above to be used for activities such as nature trails, forest schools and sensory integration.

Further expansion of the picnic area along with cleaning of the existing pond is also required. A railway themed children's playground is earmarked for the area adjacent to the picnic area.

Central area development plan

The central area of our site will be developed for 2 to 3 additional rolling stock sidings. This will alleviate congestion within the yard and station areas of our site as well as offer opportunities to further develop the range of stock at our railway.

The area is capable of accommodating between 15 and 20 carriages in an area that can be contained within its own perimeter fence, if required.

We will consider applications from individuals, groups or companies requiring storage space for railway vehicles and we offer highly competitive rates.

Just send us an email at llanellirailway(at) with your proposal and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

All applications will be considered on a case by case basis and must meet our minimum criteria as shown below (other terms also applicable):

  • A written contract must be entered into and a monthly fee will be payable.

  • Vehicles must be in a good state of repair and must remain so for the duration of the agreement.

  • Where possible, operational vehicles should be made available for use by the LMMR.

All proceeds from such agreements will be used to further develop the railway.

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