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The South Wales Railcar Group was established in February 2021 as a support arm to the Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway

Current status of units:


Class 122 1-car no. 122019 - 55019 - Part of the way through restoration - Currently in Network Rail Yellow livery - requires internal and external restoration before it can operate again - a return to BR Green is planned.

Class 142 2-car unit no. 142006 - Operational - Currently in ATW livery with TFW vinyls - we wish to restore the unit into Valley Lines livery.


We have been appointed as principal fundraisers of the railways Class 122 DMU no. 55019 and Class 142 DMU 142006 and will also assist with the acquisition of expertise, skilled volunteers and spares parts for the railway.

The group currently contains an enthusiastic group of like minded individuals with a passion for railways and in particular, diesel

multiple units. We are seeking individuals to assist us with returning these trains to their former glory and to keep them running for many years to come.

All funds raised by The South Wales Railcar Group will be used towards the restoration, upkeep and continued operation of the units.

You can support us by becoming a supporter of the South Wales Railcar Group either as an armchair supporter, or as a volunteer. Become a supporter today for a minimum donation fee from £10 per annum.

Please note that if you wish to become an active site volunteer then you will also need to become a member of the Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway for insurance purposes.

Become a member of the South Wales Railcar Group below




We are seeking individuals with the following skills and interests: -

  • Diesel fitters with experience of working on Class 122 and 142/143 DMUs.

  • Qualified or previously qualified train crew that are or have been competent on Class 142/143 DMUs (documentation required)

  • Individuals interested in taking on a Trainee Guard role at the railway for when the Class 142 is in service.

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