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New partnership sees another Pacer come to the L&MMR

The Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway (L&MMR) and the Vale of Berkley Railway (VoBR) are pleased to announce a new partnership between the two organisations. This starts with VoBR Class 143 no. 143612 moving to the L&MMR on a year-long loan on the 12th April 2022, where it will operate in service at the railway.

This will allow for the unit to be in a serviceable and ready-to-run condition for when the VoBR operation develops further. This will also assist the L&MMR by allowing them to carry out essential work on serviceable units 142006 and 143607 whilst retaining existing operational capacity.

The two organisations will also share knowledge, expertise, and spares where possible, as well provide training and assessment provision for each other. During the agreement the unit will be placed under the care of The South Wales Railcar Group, who already have 142006, 143606 and 143607 in their fleet.

For 143612, it marks a return to South Wales after a number of years away. Having had a similar history to 143606 and 143607 up until the early 2000s, it was re-allocated from Cardiff Canton depot to Bristol St. Phillips Marsh during the Wessex Trains days. Although it would make the occasional visit to Cardiff Central in service, it could be found predominantly operating in the Bristol and Exeter area. It was the first Class 143 to be preserved, along with 143603 when purchased by the Vale of Berkeley Railway.

It is planned for 143612, which still carries Great Western Railway green livery, to make its debut in preservation at the L&MMR at their operating day on Saturday 14th May


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